Wednesday, December 22, 2010

David Danielsen of New York and Norway

David Danielsen, brother of my great-grandfather Kristian, traveled back and forth to Brooklyn, New York, where he earned money to send home to his wife and the farm.  Three of his four living children [Hilmar, Emma and David], later joined him in New York to work for various periods of time.  Only one, Kristian Hilmar Danielsen [known as "Hilmar"], failed to return to Norway.  It appears he was also the only use to use the surname Danielsen; I believe the others took the farm name, Vigmostad, as their surname.  Daughter Emma married in New York, returned to Norway to have her daughter, left her with her parents to raise, and returned to New York to live another 15 years or so.  When she returned to Norway for good, it is said she brought a car with her for her daughter to drive.

Here are some photos of David, Hilmar and Emma:

Hilmar Danielsen & father David, ca. 1914

David, Hilmar & Emma Danielsen,
circa 1914

Sunday, December 12, 2010


David Danielsen [brother of Kristian] & wife Lise
Haying, circa 1920, Norway

Sofie Kalleberg [sister of David & Kristian], Norway, ca. 1920

& More Photos...

Kristian Danielsen, wife Mary [Reynolds], daughter Mary "Mae" [Danielsen] Williams