Sunday, November 28, 2010


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I always assumed the couple with Kristian & Mary [below] were friends or neighbors. 
But I wonder - could this be his sister Kristine & her husband Kornelius Olsen?

Mary and Kristian Danielsen [center]-- with?? ca. 1910

Kristian's children - Christian, Edward, [neighbor girl], and Mae, ca. 1910

 Kristine Danielsdatter & Kornelius Olsen Family - circa 1905

I recall being told by some family member that Kristian Danielsen never collected Social Security in his older years as he was not a U.S. citizen. However, in checking the federal censuses for his family, all indicated he was a naturalized citizen. Eventually I searched for and found his naturalization papers. Funny that his own family did not think he was a citizen...?!  Could be he did not collect S.S. because for most of his working years he was self-employed [as a butcher].

Declaration of Intention filed 1894  - Kristian Danielsen

1894 Signature - Kristian Danielsen


TCasteel said...

Some very nice pictures. I particularly like the first one in the 'old world' collecting thatch.
Welcome to the geneabloggers family.

K. Danielsen said...

Thank you!