Monday, June 6, 2011

It pays to take a second look!

I wondered why Kristian Danielsen's 1930 federal census showed him having $13000+ worth of assets, when I'd also found a notice in the NY Times in 1930, showing he'd filed for bankruptcy.

I took a second look.  At 1920 Kristian owned his home at Williamsbridge Rd., occupation butcher.  At 1930 his son Christian Danielsen was at that address, renting, occupation butcher.  [Took over his father's business?]  Kristian was living at Kurting Ave. in 1930, retired.  In reviewing the NY Times notice, it said "Christian M. Danielsen, butcher and grocer" of Williamsbridge Road had filed for bankruptcy, owing $3294 and having no assets.  Kristian's middle name was Hoseas; Christian [Jr.]'s was Milton.  Evidently it was the son, not the father who filed for bankruptcy; seems he didn't fare very well with the business.

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