Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Most exciting news - I received an email yesterday from a distant cousin named Arno in Norway. He descends from David Danielsen, brother of my great-grandfather Kristian Danielsen, and apparently is now in possession of the family farm Vigmostad, which he keeps as a country home. Arno has family information to share as well as photos to scan...Halleluja!
I need to compose a list to send to Arno with specific questions that he may have the answers to. A quick list would be:
  • what happened to the 2 sons of Sophie Danielsdatter, the Kallebergs who emigrated to the U.S.?
  • did Kristian Danielsen, or his sister Kristine Olsen, keep in touch with the family in Norway?
  • why does it appear that when various family members traveled to the U.S., they headed for the home of Kristine Olsen rather than her brother Kristian? The Olsens resided in the Brooklyn borough of NY City, while Kristian was in the Bronx.

Reminder: post some photos here - the farmhouse at Vigmostad; Kristian Danielsen; his wife Mary Reynolds.
Reminder: post available info on wife Mary Reynolds, who is currently a "dead-end" on her side of the family.
Reminder: post notice that we're looking for Donald and Muriel Williams, brother and sister, children of Mae [Mary E. Danielsen, dau. of Kristian], or their descendants.