Thursday, January 31, 2008



I received an email from another relative recently, Raymond Danielsen. He is my father's cousin, whom I haven't been in touch with for years, and have never actually met. Raymond emailed me a photo of himself and he, my father, and my father's paternal uncle Christian look very much alike. I emailed the above "mystery photo" to both Raymond and Arno, and so far no-one can identify most of the people in the photograph. It was taken in 1937, probably in New York, perhaps in the backyard of my paternal grandfather, Edward Raymond Danielsen. I can identify Edward, his wife Gwen, his brother Christian, and parents Kristian and Mary Danielsen. My guess is that the others are Olsens, or related to Kristian's sister Kristine Danielsdatter Olsen...but that's only a guess.

Next I plan to post a descendants report for Kristian Danielsen's father, Daniel Kristian Didriksen Vigmostad. I am not sure how to do it since I can't get a pdf file uploaded...may have to type it in.

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